The Lübeck Music and Congress Centre (MUK) is characterized by comprehensive sustainability management and is one of the pioneers in the industry. In the corporate philosophy of the Lübeck Music and Congress Centre, ecological and sustainable actions have played a central role for more than 10 years and are firmly anchored in the guidelines. Corporate responsibility with its economic, ecological, social and cultural components is an essential building block that has shaped the operational processes in the event venue since 2009 and helps to guide future-oriented decisions in the company. Regular certification of the Green Globe and ÖKOPROFIT seals of approval as well as involvement in various networks, such as the Diversity Charter (Charta der Vielfalt), fairpflichtet, Klima pro Lübeck or the 100PRO training initiative make the Lübeck Music and Congress Hall one of the most successful sustainable event locations in Germany.


Certifications - sustainable success

100PRO – Training initiative for the event industry

Make training quality visible – the Lübeck Music and Congress Centre is one of the signatories of the 100PRO code and is therefore committed to thorough training in the event industry.

As a joint alliance, the leading associations in the event industry have launched the 100PRO training initiative. On the initiative of the EVVC European Association of Event Centers eV, together with the associations AUMA Exhibition and Trade Fair Committee of the German Economy, VPLT Association for Media and Event Technology eV and FAMAB Association Direct Business Communication eV and with the support of the DIHK German Chamber of Commerce and Industry a training code has been developed which, in concise guidelines, clarifies the most important components of training to become event managers and specialists in event technology. More information visit

Green Globe - a worldwide sustainable certification system based on internationally recognized criteria for the sustainable operation and management of tourism companies.

The certifications of the demanding and extensive Green Globe quality seal have been carried out regularly and successfully since 2009 and offer qualified guidelines for the further development of sustainability management. After more than five years of continuous certification, the MUK was awarded the Green Globe gold status, thereby strengthening its excellent reputation as a sustainable event venue. The regular certifications are an important competitive advantage in the implementation of congress and conference events.


fairpflichtet – the sustainability code applicable to the German event industry.

As a member, the MUK offers guidelines and concrete guiding principles of corporate responsibility for sustainability in the organization and implementation of events. The code was initiated by the German Convention Bureau e.V. (GCB) and the European Association of Event Centers (EVVC). It is continuously developed by the members.

ÖKOPROFIT – A cooperation project between municipalities and local companies aimed at reducing operating costs through efficient and conscious use of natural resources.

ÖKOPROFIT aims to create a local network. Repeated recertifications since 2011 and the award of the seal of approval are another milestone in the expansion of sustainability management. Central areas are responsible and intelligent use of energy and resources. With energy savings in the area of electricity and district heating, great successes were achieved from 2009-2018. A total of 10,000 t of CO2 were saved in the period mentioned. The heat consumption was reduced from over 2 million KW / h to 1.2 million KW / h and the power consumption was reduced from almost 2 million KW / h to 950 thousand KW / h. In financial terms, this means savings of over € 2 million.

Klima Pro Lübeck - an association of Lübeck companies and institutions that has set itself the goal of promoting climate protection in Lübeck and raising awareness of the Hanseatic city as a climate-friendly location.

The network was founded in 2013 and is an amalgamation of local organizations, associations and other actors who work together for climate protection and call for sustainable action and design through regular exchange. With bundled campaigns, the network members want to promote environmentally friendly technologies and mobility and anchor the topic of climate protection in the awareness of the general public with regular events.

Charta der Vielfalt

The MuK has been one of the signatories of the Diversity Charter since 2015, setting an example for acceptance and mutual trust in the company. The corporate initiative is committed to respectful interaction with employees, clients and business partners and creates a working environment free from prejudice. The encouragement and recognition of diverse capabilities creates economic advantages and opens up opportunities for innovative and creative Solutions.




Bee colonies and e-mobility

Corporate social responsibility and diversity

Social and cultural commitment are further pillars in the sustainable action of the MUK. With the provision of internship and apprenticeship positions, the support of student projects such as Plant for the Planet and MUNOL, the cooperation with the Kulturtafel Lübeck, and the expansion of the MUK Neue Horizonte series, social accents are set. Preservation of green spaces and biodiversity in the urban environment is also necessary. A contribution to this is made by four bee colonies with around 160,000 bees on the roof of the Lübeck Music and Congress Centre, which have been producing around 140 kg of the popular MUK honey every year since 2014.


In the area of mobility, too, the MUK relies on alternative, low-pollutant and environmentally friendly means of transport. Business trips are preferably done with the MUK company bike (inner-city) as well as public transport. In 2016, in cooperation with Netz Lübeck GmbH, the first downtown e-charging station was put into operation on the public parking lot at the MUK. The charging station has 2 charging panels, each with 2 alternatively usable charging points. In 2019, an e-charging station was set up in the delivery yard of the event house, which is also available to all business partners.



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