The Music and Congress Centre of Lübeck is committed to sustainability.

Environmentally friendly actions and sustainable business conduct are firmly rooted in the mission statement. Sustainability and environmental protection play a profound role in the philosophy of the Music and Congress Centre of Lübeck. The event centre is known for its sustainable commitment to society as a whole, far beyond national borders. The economic, ecological and social aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility are crucial building blocks that not only shape operational processes, but also guide forward-looking decisions in the company. Regular certification and involvement in various forums make the MuK one of the most successful sustainable venues in Germany.


Certifications - sustainable success

100PRO – Training initiative for the event industry

Make training quality visible – the Music and Congress Centre of Lübeck is one of the signatories of the 100PRO code and is therefore committed to thorough training in the event industry.

Leading organisations in the event industry brought the 100PRO training initiative into being. On the initiative of the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC), together with the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA), The Professional Lighting & Sound Association of Germany (VPLT) and the Association for Direct Business Communications (FAMAB), with support from the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), a training code has been developed which clarifies the most important building blocks of training for event managers and event technology specialists, providing concise guidelines.

Green Globe – provides certification for sustainable operations as well as management of travel and tourism companies and their related businesses based on internationally accepted criteria.

Green Globe operates under a worldwide license in more than 83 countries. The MuK was certified for the fourth time in 2015. One speciality of our concept of sustainability are our bee colonies living on the roof, providing an ideal venue and production facility for our popular MuK-honey. During 2015, more energy efficient systems were refitted and a digital signage system was installed. This enabled the MuK to proudly achieve a guideline adherence of 96 percent, having increased this result by 4 percent. The MuK is one of the most successfully recertified venues in Germany.

Interview with Mrs Jarabek about Green Globe during the EVVC-Congress in Salzburg.

Click to read the interview.

fairpflichtet – the sustainability code applicable to the German event industry.

The MuK is a member of „fairpflichtet“ that offers guidelines and value orientation through the principles of sustainable development and responsible care and supports the conduct of sustainability of event organisations. The association of the German Convention Bureau e.V. (GCB) and the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC) initiated the code. Fairpflichtet is supported by the members of both associations and continually updated and improved.

ÖKOPROFIT – a project of cooperation between municipalities and local companies aimed at reducing operating costs through efficient and conscious use of natural resources.

ÖKOPROFIT aims at setting up local networks. The MuK received this award again in 2015, which constituted an impressive recognition of our efforts to strengthen sustainability management and was both acknowledged by and motivation for our employees. We are proud to announce an 85 percent reduction of CO2 emissions and enormous energy and cost savings over the last six years.

Klima Pro Lübeck – a project of cooperation between companies and institutions in Lübeck aimed at promoting climate protection and raising awareness for Lübeck as a climate friendly location.

The MuK is a member of Klima Pro Lübeck and, together with its partners, implements climate related projects. We are continually strengthening our commitment in this organisation. During an in-house ceremony in March 2014, the first Climate Prize was awarded under the patronage of Mr Robert Habeck, Minister of the Environment in Schleswig-Holstein. Further, the first Green Concert took place in the MuK.

Charta der Vielfalt

The MuK has been one of the signatories of the Diversity Charter since 2015, setting an example for acceptance and mutual trust in the company. The corporate initiative is committed to respectful interaction with employees, clients and business partners and creates a working environment free from prejudice. The encouragement and recognition of diverse capabilities creates economic advantages and opens up opportunities for innovative and creative Solutions.




Bee colonies and e-mobility

Bees are now classed as endangered species. Humans and harmful environmental influences often make life difficult for them. The MuK wants to do something about this and create new habitats for them: That is why several bee colonies are established on the roof of the MuK each year. In summer the bees find more food in the urban environment than in the countryside. Everything that flowers on balconies, in private gardens and in public green spaces in the area is a welcome target for them. The bee colonies on the roof of the MuK make a small yet important contribution to the issue of environmental protection and biodiversity.

As a sustainable company it is very fitting that a charging station for Lübeck's electric vehicles was installed directly opposite the MuK, on Willy-Brandt-Allee, in August 2016. On 24.8.16, Netz Lübeck GmbH put into operation the first publicly accessible e-charging station close to the city centre. Power can be topped up there around the clock and for the time being it's actually free. There is also no parking fee while charging takes place. A huge bonus for the MuK!


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