Three letters that mean so much. Music, fair, entertainment, art, culture, congress. They include Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Beatles, Bruckner. Say Shostakovich, Schlager, Show. My talk, conference, Tchaikovsky. Above all, they stand for Lübeck: MUK loves Lübeck - Lübeck loves the MUK. As a clock generator and meeting place. A relationship that has existed for more than 25 years. And which serves as a flagship for the Baltic Sea metropolis. The pretty pearl high in the north can be proud of its history, architecture plus an old town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And of its cultural offerings, which enliven the entire region.

With 15 event rooms for 10 to 3,500 people, the Lübeck Music and Congress Hall offers variable possibilities for every kind of event. The MUK is a house for everyone. For almost everything. It is committed to diversity and openness. Diversity and democracy. We at the MUK love what we do. We want our visitors and congress partners to feel that.


Imagine you are attending one of our events. In the middle of the musical programme you lean back, close your eyes to perceive every sound - just then you remember that bees are collecting honey on the roof of the MUK. That the room you are in is 100% illuminated by photovoltaics. Of course, that doesn't make the lecture on the podium any more exciting. But it might make your experience more exciting. Especially if you attend one of our Green Meetings. Because we think: Sustainability makes a difference. That's why we are committed to it.


Managing Director

Ilona Jarabek
T +49 (451) 7904-444


Silke Vogel
Assistant to the management
T +49 (451) 7904-144

Matthias Schischke
T +49 (451) 7904-109

Corporate Communication

Gesa Lüdeke
Head of Communication
T +49 (451) 7904-122

Karola Empt
T +49 (451) 7904-115

Event Management

Urte Friedrichs
Event Management
T +49 (451) 7904-117

Anjela Kroker
Event ­management 
T +49 (451) 7904-333

Anne Matthai
T +49 (451) 7904 -153

Gabriele Maday
Event Management
T +49 (451) 7904-103

Ulrike von Schwartz
Event Management
T +49 (451) 7904-290

Ann-Kathrin Matthiessen
(in parental leave)
T +49 (451) 7904-0

Christiane Volquardts
Event Management
T +49 (451) 7904-119

Event Engineering

Michael Meier
Technical director
T +49 (451) 7904-156

Marc Bäumer
House & event ­ technology
T +49 (451) 7904-116

Reinhold Czudaj
T +49 (451) 7904-283

Christian Koriath
Event Engineering
T +49 (451) 7904-118

Bernd Rabe
Event Engineering
T +49 (451) 7904-380

Marcel Sohnrey
T +49 (451) 7904-163

Jannick Raab
T +49 (451) 7904-165

Mathis Willrodt
Technical project management
T +49 (451) 7904-158


Sven Gross
T +49 (451) 7904-379


Petra Schlossarek
Head of gastronomy 
T +49 (451) 7904-501

Mathias Swoboda
T +49 (451) 7904-445

Sonja Grammer­storf
T +49 (451) 7904-503

Jessica Bohl
T +49 (451) 7904-112

Booking Office

Klaus Pulve
Ticket Agency
T +49 (451) 7904-400

Gunhild Schmedemann
Ticket Agency
T +49 (451) 7904-400

Contact the MUK

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