(1) The Lübecker Musik- und Kongreßhallen GmbH (LMuK) exercises the domiciliary rights vis-à-vis the tenant, the event visitors and third parties. The instructions of the employees and representatives of Lübecker Musik- und Kongresshallen GmbH are to be followed immediately. 2.

(2) Smoking and/or open fires on the stage or in the entrances and exits as well as in corridors and rehearsal rooms are prohibited. In general, the use of fireworks and pyrotechnic material is prohibited in the rooms of the Musik- und Kongreßhalle. Exceptions for stage events are only possible by arrangement with Lübecker Musik- und Kongreßhallen GmbH. 3.

(3) Smoking is generally prohibited in all assembly rooms of the venue. This also applies to electronic smoking substitutes (electronic cigarettes etc.). 4.

(4) Aisles, emergency exits, fire extinguishing equipment and fire alarms must be freely accessible at all times. Unauthorised use of or tampering with fire alarm or fire extinguishing equipment is prohibited.
are prohibited. False alarms by the fire brigade are subject to a charge. The causer or the tenant is fully liable for this. 5.

(5) Escape routes, exit doors, emergency exits and their marking may not be blocked, covered or otherwise made unrecognisable. Aisles may not be obstructed at any time by objects placed in them or projecting into them. All aisles serve as escape routes in the event of danger.

(6) Photography, radio, television and sound recordings require the permission of the respective organiser or Lübecker Musik- und Kongreßhallen GmbH.

(7) Commercial photography requires the permission of the hirer and LMuK. There is no legal entitlement.

(8) If photographs, film and/or video recordings are made in the area of the place of assembly by employees of LMuK, by the Organiser or by companies commissioned by LMuK for reporting or advertising purposes, the recording activities may not be obstructed or impaired in any other way. By entering the place of assembly, those who can be recognised in such recordings consent to these recordings being used for both reporting and advertising purposes.

(9) Cloakrooms are compulsory. For safety reasons, coats, jackets, umbrellas, sticks and similar items must be left in the specially designated areas. For security reasons, coats, jackets, umbrellas, sticks and similar items must be handed in at the specially marked cloakrooms provided for this purpose, in return for payment of the respective cloakroom fee. 10.

(10) The bringing of food and drinks, in particular spirits, is prohibited.

(11) The bringing and/or consumption of food and drinks is prohibited.

(12) The bringing of animals is prohibited.

(13) Lost property must be returned to the LMuK.

(14) The operation of the technical installations must be carried out exclusively by the staff of the Lübecker Musik- und Kongreßhallen GmbH.

(15) Any personal injury and/or damage to property occurring during the event must be reported to the organiser (hirer) or the LMuK operating staff. Personal injury and/or damage to property reported at a later date will not be recognised.

(16) Express reference is made to compliance with statutory provisions and ordinances, in particular the Youth Protection Act, the Assembly Venue Ordinance and the Fire Protection Ordinance.

(17) The distribution of advertising material in and in front of the buildings is prohibited. Distribution for ongoing events may be permitted by LMuK. In all other cases, LMuK reserves the right to take further legal action, in particular the charging of necessary cleaning costs for the removal of the advertising material. The beneficiary of the advertising named in the advertising medium is liable. 18.

(18) The Hirer/User is obliged to observe and comply with the statutory provisions and/or official and/or other instructions regarding the separation of waste paper/cardboard, glass, residual waste in the rented property.

(19) Due to the COVID-19 infection situation, masks are compulsory.

(20) These house rules are valid until revoked by LMuK.

By entering the building, visitors to the event, other persons and the hirer accept these house rules.

Status: May 2022

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